Mira Costa senior inspires others through tutoring

Mira Costa Senior “Cindy Lin” is no ordinary high school senior. She’s a straight A student, an accomplished violinist, and a top-ranked madminton player in the country. But she’s also made it her mission to help other student succeed.


CA mandatory kindergarten bill

California State Senator Susan Rubio authored SB70. The bill requires all students to complete one year in kindergarten before entering first grade.


Brea Olinda School District addressing student mental health crisis

Experts say isolation and social media are playing major roles in decreased mental health. When students were isolated during the pandemic, they started spending more time online. And now that they’re back in the classroom – many are experiencing what experts call “COVID regression.”


California prison inmates earning college degrees

"For me as a ‘life without inmate,’ it shows that it doesn't matter how much time you are doing or what is going on in your life... you can change and that change is real," said Freddie Hernandez, who serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.