In Depth: Epilepsy

Hal Eisner speaks with Dr. Shaun Hussain, an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCLA. Then he's joined by Francesca Calloway, whose daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after birth. Hal also speaks with Dr. Laura Lubbers, the Chief Scientific Officer for the organization "CURE Epilepsy."


In Depth: Black Aviation

Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum at the Compton/Woodley Airport serves as both a display of Black aerial history, but also as a classroom for training in aeronautics and other STEM subjects


In Depth: Supervisor Kathryn Barger

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger joins Hal Eisner to talk about the firearm and ammunition restrictions passed this week and what impact they might have on violent crime in LA County.


In Depth: Long COVID

Hal Eisner is joined by pulmonologist Martin Schlusselberg, M.D, Long COVID sufferer Joey Jones, and Survivor Corps founder Diana Guthe to talk about the mysterious ailment known as “Long COVID.”


In Depth: Mass shooting aftermath

Hal Eisner is joined by Christina Yang, the general counsel and pro bono director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Southern California. She talks about how the Monterey Park community is coping with the impact of this mass shooting.


In Depth: New California laws

Attorney Ugo Lord joins Marla Tellez to discuss some of California’s new laws for 2023.


In Depth: Thanksgiving Special

Hal Eisner looks back at the positive stories covered by "In Depth" over the past year.


In Depth: Faces of Fentanyl

Hal is joined by family members of young people who have died from fentanyl. They share their emotional stories of how the synthetic opioid took the lives of their loved ones.


In Depth: Holiday Travel

Hal is joined by Scott Keyes, the founder of ScottsCheapFlights.com to discuss travel during the upcoming holiday season. Also, the two discuss whether business travel is keeping pace with vacation travel.


In Depth: Youth and Mental Health

Hal talks with local experts about the mental health of young people after a new study revealed the mental health of kids as young as 13 has taken a serious hit since the start of the pandemic. Also, hear from a teen mental health expert and advocate who runs the Wellness Department at Geffen Academy at UCLA.


In Depth: A spooky not scary Halloween

Hal talks about all things Halloween fun for the entire family. Special guests include 'Descanso Gardens' director Somer Sherwood-White and David Markland, the creator of Cemetery Lane. Plus, illusionist David Carlo performs a couple of tricks for Hal.


In Depth: Propositions, Red Cross volunteers

In this week's episode, Hal talks with Fernando Guerra, a Political Science Professor at Loyola Marymount University, about propositions on the November ballot. Also, hear from Hurricane Ian and LA Red Cross volunteers who have stepped up to help.


In Depth: Preps for fire season

Hal discusses how Southern California prepares for fire season, the health effects of living near fire areas, and more.


In Depth: Alternate Endings

Hal is joined by Return Home CEO Micah Truman to talk about human composting. Then, Pisces Aquamation CEO Christopher Taktak talks to Hal about the Aquamation process. Also, Celestis CEO Charles Chafer joins Hal to talk about the company which launches ashes, DNA or other mementos into space.


In Depth: Cannabis

Hal is joined by Dr. Ziva Cooper to talk about the UCLA Center for Cannabis and Cannabinoids. Also, Hal speaks to Lauren Fontein, the founder of The Artist Tree Studio Lounge.


In Depth: Old Los Angeles

Segment One: Hal is joined  by Author Mimi Slawoff, who wrote the book "Oldest Los Angeles."  We start at Glendale’s Rockhaven Women’s Sanitarium.


In Depth: The beauty and danger of lightning

Although lightning is a beautiful, natural phenomena, it is also very powerful, dangerous, and sometimes even deadly. Hal talks with KTTV meteorologist Rick Dickert about the causes and types of lightning, and hear from Dr. Meg Haworth, who talks about her personal experience as a lightning strike victim.


In Depth: Student Loan Crisis

Alan Collinge, the founder of Student Loan Justice, joins Hal to talk about the growing problem of student loans in the U.S. Then, Lisa Ansell with the USC Casden Institute alks to Hal about the impact of student loans on California students. Finally, hear from Dr. Liz Maines, a psychotherapist who finds herself crippled by student loan debt. 


In Depth: Monkeypox, AI and imaging, International Medical Corps in Ukraine

Hal is joined by UCLA Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Matt Waxman to talk about Monkeypox. Then, Dr. Gregory Sorensen, Founder and CEO of DeepHealth Radnet, Inc. joins Hal to talk about new Artificial Intelligence software that helps doctors read screening images more accurately. Also, Todd Bernhardt, Senior Director of Global Communications for International Medical Corps, describes what the situation is like on the ground in Ukraine.